Speman is a naturally formulated herbal supplement that improves sperm quality and health. It is very effective in improving sperm motility.

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Speman is a powerful herbal solution for Oligospermia. It helps in improving male fertility by boosting sperm health. It contains a blend of herbs which contains aphrodisiac properties and reduces seminal weakness.


& Dosage

Please ask for precise dosage instructions to your healthcare provider.


Store Speman at room temperature in a cool and dark place. Keep away from children and pets.

Safety Information/ Warning Precautions

Speak about your medical history to your healthcare provider.

Mention complete and accurate details about existing medical conditions, known allergies to food or drugs, dietary supplements, vitamins, minerals, herbal supplements or OTC medications that you may be using.

Side Effects

Speman does not have any side effects if taken according to the prescribed dosage.